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MNHS Grant Supports Next Phase for Pullman Project


 The Minnesota Historical Society has awarded MTM a Legacy Grant in the amount of $10,000 to conduct the next phase of work on the long-awaited Pullman-Porter project. The funds will be used for community engagement around the project, and to invite community members to review, evaluate and contribute to the historical accuracy of the proposed exhibit.

The “Twin Tracks: African American Railroad Workers, 1919-1941” exhibit will interpret the history of local African American workers in the railroad industry between the two World Wars, and the impact of this work on specific individuals, their families, the community, and the broader nation.

“MTM is grateful to the Minnesota Historical Society for their support of this project,” said John Van Arsdale, museum curator. “With these funds, MTM will advance our work in making the museum a truly historical experience that reflects the rich diversity of our region and of the national railroads.”